Where do you get your ideas? 1.0

You would think this is a pretty easy question to answer for writers. But, in reality its one of the most difficult. I saw an Oscar Wilde quote from Stephen King that is probably the best explanation: “Writers are people who teach their minds to misbehave”. That’s as good of an explanation as any, I suppose.

And for me, my mind misbehaves most because I live in the Midwest. Everyone thinks of us as “flyover” country, the rust belt (more Ohio, Western PA and Michigan), a part of the country that is boring, best forgot. But as you will see in my posts, the Midwest is brimming with the weird and unusual for the potential writer.

And that’s certain true for my second novel, The Bone Conjurors. The ideas for this book started to come together when I visited a little known cemetary in Columbus known as the Camp Chase Civil War cemetery. Most people in Columbus don’t even know it exists, even people who have lived here for a long time. It’s a shame because it’s a truly interesting place to visit, not to mention a bit spooky and weird. So, history, plus spookiness equals a place near and dear to my heart.

During the Civil War, Columbus was a major hub for all kinds of big names, Salmon P Chase and Abraham Lincoln to name a few. But, it was also a major training ground for Union Soldiers during the Civil War, which took place at Camp Chase.

As the war progressed, the need to hold Confederate prisoners grew and Camp Chase became a huge confederate prison. The conditions in these places where horrific, with open sewers running through the middle of the camp, wide spread deadly illness, and of course, the cold of North Central Ohio, which must have felt like Dante’s lowest circle of hell to soldiers from the warm South.

All that’s left from this prison is the cemetery, which holds over 2000 Confederate soldiers. There is also a great ghost story that goes along with it, known as the story of the Grey Lady. So, follow the link and learn more about the cemetery!



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