Why I write about Ghosts, Monsters and (maybe) Zombies.

I doubt my writing will ever win a Pulitzer prize for literature. I have read some of the books that have won that presitigious award, not to mention novels that aspire to win that award.

I have to be honest, they have no appeal for me. But, stories about monsters, ghosts, and (maybe) zombies do.

Why? Why would a pastor with a job in campus ministry want to write about things like this? Aren’t those things silly, trivial, and a waste of time? I suppose you could make a good argument for this way of thinking if you are thinking of silly B rated movies that used to be on Mystery Science Theater. But, I hope you look deeper. I hope you realize the world of Paranormal literature, if used rightly, can reflect our world much better than some of the modern and postmodern novels that get shoved on us as good literature. And really, if you think about it, all of the stories that have stuck around for a long time (the works of Shakespeare and Homer come to mind) contain paranormal elements which have challenged us for hundreds of years.

It’s because these stories remind us that reality is not just what we see in our daily world. Paranormal stories can distrub us in ways no other stories can, because they challenge our naturalistic view of the world. They raise their fist at the very notion that our five senses can fully grasp the reality around us. And, if done very well, as in the works of Charles Williams, they can make us aware of the darkness of our own hearts.

So, I may never be able to walk the state to get a pulitzer prize. But, maybe, I can disturb your sleep a few nights…


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