A little “Shadow of the Witch”

Here is a little excerpt from the new book. Enjoy.

I took a deep breath and threw my legs over the rail landing with a soft thud on the hard rock. I could still feel the air moving around me, rushing towards the small wooden stake in front of me. Flies buzzed around the stick as if drawn by an invisible force. I couldn’t figure out what would be attracting the flies. The magic? Possibly.

            I reached down, breathed a prayer and yanked out the stake. The rush of air around me ceased and I relaxed.

            “Hurry Aidan. Bring me the totem.”

            I walked over to him and could feel the stickiness of the black paint on my hand. I looked down and realized the color of paint was a dark red.

            I knew then it wasn’t paint, but blood.


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  1. this looks like it will be very good!!!

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