Good news? Maybe?

Hey Bleakers,
So, I heard from the publisher who is reading the Bone Conjuror. She really likes my writing and is going to ask her boss if he was able to read the first fifty pages I sent.

Writing and wanting to get published is hard. Very hard. Writers almost treat their work as their children and rejections hurt. Writing is long, tiring work. And, you get the pitying looks from people when you tell them, “so i have this novel I’m trying to publish”.

So, when I got the above from the publisher last night, it sent me into imagination overdrive. I’m nervous. Excited. Trying not to be hopeful, so I won’t get disappointed.

But, I can’t help it. There are four things I have wanted to do in this world. One: Follow Jesus. Trying. Two: Get married to a wonderful lady. Check. Three: Have great kids. Check. Four: Get a book published….



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  1. Thinking about you man. Was on campus yesterday and excited for your fall.

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